Aerial images not only show potential buyers what your property has to offer, but they also can help you gain the trust of a buyer even before they make contact. The aerial views allow prospective homeowners and business owners alike to get an up-close look at every last detail that may have been missed by traditional ground-level photography – from surrounding houses of neighbors to parks and amenities nearby.

Aerial shots make a huge difference in selling both residential and commercial properties. Property listings with drone shots sell about 68% faster listings without aerial images. Drones are used for virtual tours of home as well. These walk-throughs with virtual staging and high-end ariel shots tend to convert leads to customers.

Below are the top reasons your listings need aerial photography for your real estate listings:

aerial photography

Showcase your home’s best features

Arial real estate photography is a great way to showcase your home’s best features. The angles and perspective of the photos are taken into account for each property, which can be an invaluable tool when trying to sell or rent out your space. In addition, aerial photography can capture the proper proportions of a space crucial for accurate representation.

Aerial shots are perfect for showing off the exterior of your property

Aerial shots are perfect for showing off the exterior of your property, the surrounding neighborhood, and nearby amenities. But, of course, it’s even better when you have a skilled photographer to capture the best angles and make it look like something out of Architectural Digestaries.

Drone shots can save you money

Even if you’re not able to fly over in an airplane or helicopter for aerial shots, you can use a drone for only a fraction of the cost.
Many people are unaware of the cost savings when using drones for aerial photography. Drones, also called UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, can be purchased by anyone and flown anywhere with a simple controller. However, it is best to hire a licensed drone operator to take the shots.

drone aerial photography

Aerial photos capture much more

Aerial images allow potential buyers to get a sense of how big your lot is, as well as any neighboring homes that might affect their decision-making process. In addition, the aerial view will enable viewers to see more than they would on the ground level – this includes roofing materials, window treatments, and other details that may have been missed during a traditional walk-through inspection.
The best time to get aerial photos taken is during the spring when everything has just started to bloom or in the fall when everything is turning colors. Aerial images are also great for showing off what you have done with your landscaping as they showcase all the details, like where you put down mulch and planted flowers around your home.

Aerial photos for marketing materials

The aerial images are available in HD quality, which means they’re perfect for print advertising materials like brochures, postcards, flyers, and more. Real estate listings that use aerial images have an increased conversion rate on their website traffic and higher leads from inquiries than those without them.

aerial photography

The beauty and appeal of a property can be captured in the most remarkable ways with aerial photography. Aerial shots are perfect for grabbing the expansive vistas, sweeping landscapes, and breathtaking views that make your house or lot stand out from any other. They’re also great for getting an accurate idea of how much space you’ll have around your home!

The sky is your limit when it comes to using aerial shots, and there are many different ways you can use them in your listings:

    • Taking photos of the exterior
    • Highlighting a feature like an outdoor space or pool
    • Capturing the layout for prospective buyers
    • Showing off views from a high vantage point
    • Adding context to architectural features such as landscaping
    • Capture your property in the magical hour with twilight photography

Aerial photographs do help sell your real estate listing. So if you want the best aerial shots of your property that will help you sell the listing faster, choose Wood Home Photography.

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